Talent Acquisition Research

Bersin helps organizations provide a digital first approach to talent acquisition and understand the importance of their employment brand.

Optimizing tactical talent acquisition

In today’s transparent digital world, a company’s employment brand must be both highly visible and highly attractive. Companies are finding themselves navigating a newly complex function and an explosive, technological landscape. Our research can help to develop new career models and experiences so your business can strengthen and effectively communicate your employment brand.

What are the challenges of talent management tools?

Talent sourcing

In today’s digital environment, integrating technology with a company’s sourcing strategy is necessary–including cognitive, analytics artificial intelligence (AI), mobile, and social media.


Employment brand

Creating a brand experience that is aligned with the organization’s business direction is essential for attracting high-quality, viable candidates with the right capabilities.



Candidate experience

To attract top talent and stay competitive, organizations must continually reevaluate and enhance their talent acquisition processes and engage candidates before, during, and after the interview.



us-know-more.png (50×50)

Careers in this century may follow an upward arc, with progression and promotion at various times—but they will look nothing like the simple stair-step path of generations ago.

2018 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends

Where we focus our efforts

Our goal is to help your organization optimize their talent acquisition functions through:

  • Sourcing channels: Bersin’s leading practices help organizations build new sourcing models, optimize their sourcing channels, and access untapped talent pools.
  • Employment brand: We help organizations uncover, articulate, and define their image, culture, differentiators, and reputation to attract highly skilled, capable talent.
  • Strategy and solutions: Our research helps organizations understand leading practices for talent acquisition strategy building and exploring candidate relationship management (CRM) solutions.

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