Talent and Workforce Management

Employees expect a talent experience that’s on par with interactions they have in their personal lives—customized, unique, seamless, and mobile.

Creating top talent and workforce strategies

In today’s job market, leading organizations are shifting toward a model that empowers individuals to acquire valuable experiences, explore new roles, and continually reinvent themselves. Organizations can create a systemic approach to managing and developing talent with help from Bersin. We help members base their action plans on sound practices, always-on listening, business-aligned talent strategy, and a strategic approach to diversity and inclusion.

What are the challenges of talent and workforce?

Blanketed talent systems

The one-size-fits-all approach to talent no longer works for today’s diverse workforce. Organizations need to have a clear, targeted, and well-communicated talent strategy, providing tailored and personalized relationships with the workforce.





Worker and organization relationships

Organizations need to better enable, understand, and interact with their workers, both at the individual and team level—to rethink the talent relationship with individual workers. Traditional employer-employee relationships are being replaced by the emergence of a diverse workforce ecosystem—a varied portfolio of workers, talent networks, and service providers that offer employers flexibility, capabilities, and the potential for exploring different economic models in sourcing talent.



People data and insights

As organizations collect more personal and business data about their employees, they raise growing risks and ethical questions about data security, transparency, and the need to ask permission. Businesses need to realize the full potential of people data to identify potential efficiencies and make analytics an integral part of most business investment decisions, while keeping it safeguarded.



us-know-more.png (50×50)

Proactive organizations are tapping into the older talent pool by extending their career models, creating new development paths, and inventing roles to accommodate workers in their 50s, 60s, and 70s.

– 2018 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends

Where we focus our efforts

Our goal is to help your business create a systemic approach to talent and workforce through:

  • Aligning with the business: Bersin helps companies take a new approach to talent and workforce that is aligned with changing business and HR strategies.
  • Fostering diversity: There’s value in sharing current and emerging trends in diversity and inclusion with your organization. Then, we uncover how those trends may impact talent strategies and programs.
  • Improving your programs: Our broad coverage of talent management allows us to help organizations assess and design future state scenarios. We ideate innovative approaches to various programs and processes, creating new leading practices.

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