Academic Medical Centers and organizational culture

Addressing powerful changes in health care by transforming culture

​Five key steps for Academic Medical Centers (AMCs) to transform their culture and create a more successful environment for change.

A systematic approach to change

Major pressures on the academic health care organization have helped drive strategic change within Academic Medical Centers (AMCs), including enterprise systemness, sustainable cost structure, aggressive growth planning, and clinical transformation. Each of these changes has significant implications for organizational culture, as creating a more successful environment for change in AMCs involves shifting the culture and behaviors of the organization.

Academic Medical Centers and organizational culture: Addressing powerful changes in health care by transforming culture examines the impact of outside pressures on AMCs, identifies approaches for AMC executives to begin preparing their organization for strategic change, and describes how to build a cultural transformation roadmap.

Read the piece to discover:

  • Five key steps for AMCs to transform their culture
  • Cultural success factors for organizational change
  • Three case studies of AMCs successfully leveraging culture to improve strategic outcomes

Only after making investments in their cultures can AMC leaders see dividends in terms of making large-scale change happen within their institutions.

Ways to transform culture

In working with academic medical centers and general health care providers, we find that a systematic approach to these organizations transforming their culture consists of five key steps:

  • Establish the vision, mission, and values
  • Understand current state cultures
  • Identify cultural strengths to leverage and cultural gaps to address
  • Build a cultural transformation roadmap
  • Execute and make it stick

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