ACO Analytics

Enabling integrated patient views

A holistic view of patients can enable Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) to provide focused health care delivery.

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Hospitals and health systems continue to evaluate how their Accountable Care Organization (ACO) can be most successful. In today’s environment, ACOs will need to take both offensive and strategic positions, with data, information and analytics at the center.

Analytics for ACOs: Integrated Patient Views launches Deloitte’s series on ACO Analytics. Analytics engines can now quickly combine data from disparate systems and generate a holistic 360 degree view of patients. This view allows an ACO to identify trends and spot gaps in care coordination and delivery, enabling focused health care delivery along with significant cost savings.

This brief, informative piece illustrates how analytics can support ACOs in delivering improved care management to patients. The paper is designed to help you learn how analytics can help your ACO:

  • Enable population health management 
  • Ensure safety and quality reporting compliance 

With the move to adopt value-based care, ACOs not utilizing analytics could face lower margins and lower quality of care. Don’t let your organization be left behind.

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