Analytics for Accountable Care Organizations

Patient and population analytics

Discover how​ analytics can enable Accountable Care Organizations to enhance care delivery models, identify early interventions for at-risk patient populations, and increase patient engagement.

Achieving clinical excellence through analytics

As Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) enable value based care, delivering quality care to individual patients and specific patient populations continues to be a significant challenge. Health care providers often lack an integrated view of each patient. Incentives are not seamless and easy to access. Analytics could help both of these scenarios to drive value based care toward better management of the diverse populations now serviced by ACOs.

Analytics for ACOs: Patient and population analytics continues Deloitte’s series on ACO Analytics and delves into increasing patient engagement through analytics.

The brief piece illustrates how analytics are able to:
  • Provide adjusted care delivery models
  • Identify early interventions for at-risk patient populations
  • Increase patient engagement

A full suite of analytics capabilities, including prescriptive analytics, predictive modeling, business intelligence, and risk stratification, can give ACOs the 360° view of patients required to achieve integrated care. From finding gaps in care delivery to preventing readmissions, measuring patient engagement to identifying patient trends, this paper targets the key challenges facing ACOs. Download the report to discover more.

Analytics enable quality care

​Health care organizations are at the center of changing patient demographics, technological innovation, and governmental regulation. Recent health reform initiatives and incentives have accelerated the industry’s movement from volume based care to value based care. Accountable Care Organizations face significant challenges as they lead the industry toward value based care models. The successful collection of data and information, as well as the adoption of analytics, are critical to ACOs successfully enabling value based care.

Analytics needs to be a key driver in the business of ACOs. Analytics can help ACOs to enable value based care by achieving integrated care management and allowing risk stratification in subpopulations of patients.

Through the collection and utilization of comprehensive data on patient populations, ACOs can take steps to provide timely and appropriate care, identify interventions for risk prevention, and adjust care delivery models to meet the needs of specific populations. ACOs should implement the full scope of analytics to fully analyze and utilize the comprehensive data that ACOs collect. The full scope of analytics includes prescriptive analytics, predictive modeling, business intelligence, and risk stratification.

Analytics can help to drive value based care toward better management of the diverse populations now serviced by ACOs.

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