The quest for value in health care

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Three key disrupters are driving an increasingly consumer-centric health care system. How are consumers responding? What are the implications for the industry? And what steps can health care providers, health plans, and life sciences companies consider to help win in this new marketplace?


Paying attention to the consumer and providing high-quality experiences in health care are rising business imperatives

In a health care system where consumers are empowered to actively choose among health plans, providers, and treatment options, delivering a satisfying customer experience is key to differentiation. The first step towards winning in a consumer-centric marketplace: understand how this new informed and engaged consumer views the health care system and how they define quality and value.

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The quest for value in health care

As American consumers awaken to fundamental changes in the U.S. health care system, the walls between them and the health care industry are coming down. Facing numerous health insurance options, no longer shielded to the costs of health care by employers and with greater access to quality ratings and price information, consumers are searching for value.

This growing consumer quest for value, in turn, is forcing health care providers, health plans and life sciences companies to rethink "business as usual" as consumers test new decision-making skills and demand higher quality and better value. In such an environment, it is important – and perhaps a business differentiator – for health care organizations to see and understand the health care system from the consumer perspective.

This report:

  • Examines three key disruptors driving a consumer-centric health care system
  • Explores consumers’ perceptions of value and unmet needs in the U.S. health care system; their anxieties about affordability; and what they value in their health care experience
  • Offers steps to consider to help “win the consumer” in a value- and quality-based health care system

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