Emerging models of global health care

Insights from Deloitte’s global life sciences and health care leader

This series of four brief videos examines considerations as health care around the world begins to move from a “break-fix” approach to a “predictive maintenance” approach. Discover unique perspectives through insights from a recent presentation by Mitch Morris, Deloitte’s global life sciences and health care industry leader, given at the 2015 World Health Summit.

What are some of the health care challenges faced globally?

Costs of medical advancements. Countries implementing two-tier systems. Fragmentation. Social determinants. Not enough physicians. These and other challenges are explored in the video below as well as how countries can begin to look at solutions.

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How is technology playing a part in global care?

Today’s technology enablement can enhance care and increase the ability to monitor health remotely. Monitoring to keep patients healthy is the key.

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How can countries create a new model of care?

Creating a new model of care brings together coordinated patient care, technology to connect to patient, analytics, financial alignment, and government policy alignment.

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How is innovation in care being stimulated by government?

In the below video, Morris offers highlights of new models of care from the United States, United Kingdom, Spain and Australia.

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