Greg Reh Speaks on Health Wearables

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Listen to SAP Radio’s most recent Coffee Break with Game-Changers to explore the future of wearable technology. Greg Reh, along with Lynne Dunbrack from IDC Health Insights and Joes Miles from SAP, discuss how wearable devices can make a meaningful impact on patient-centered health care and demonstrate a clear return on investment.

Health Wearables - just hype or revolutionary for patients?

Listen to Greg Reh, Global Life Sciences Sector Leader, on Coffee Break with Game-Changers Radio, hosted by Bonnie D.Graham and presented by SAP.

When asked about 2020 predications around wearable technology, Greg Reh says:

“There is no question that the health care ecosystem has shifted and will continue to shift to a patient-centric model and as such, wearables can help shape the quality of life and quality of care. With the advances in technology, we are still early on, but by 2020 we feel we will overcome the integration from a data standpoint from the ability to manage that info across that ecosystem."

"One of the biggest challenges for any kind of therapy is compliance. To the extent that wearables can assist and ensure compliance, there is a tremendous amount of value associated with that." 

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