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Weekly insights in the US health care industry

This weekly series explores breaking news and developments in the US health care industry; examines key issues facing life sciences and health care companies; and provides updates and insights on policy, regulatory, and legislative changes.

Health Care Current

Each edition includes:

My Take: Highlights insights from Deloitte leaders on the current state of the industry, where it could be headed, and possible implications for key stakeholder groups. This section also highlights recent Deloitte Center for Health Solutions research. 

In the News: Provides updates on legislative and regulatory health care reform initiatives as well as judicial decisions that impact the industry. The stories also delve into payment and delivery trends and changes across health care.

Breaking Boundaries: Discusses breakthroughs and new technologies that are driving momentum and change.  

Join Deloitte leaders as they share updates, insights, and implications that help industry executives stay informed and ahead of changes in the health care system. 

Current issues

Health Care Current | December 18, 2018

My Take: Technology and medical care are evolving why aren’t we living longer?

  • In the news:
    • Without individual mandate penalty, ACA is unconstitutional, federal judge rules
    • CMS issues risk-adjustment program final rule
    • Some HIPAA provisions could hinder transition to value-based care, HHS says
    • Real-world data will play key role in 2019 regulatory framework, FDA says
    • FDA plans to reclassify insulin as a biologic to increase competition, affordability
    • Subsidies could mean free coverage for 4.2 million uninsured, but out-of-pocket costs could be high
    • Chronic opioid users have higher medical costs, more hospital stays, study finds
  • Breaking Boundaries:
    • Health care organizations are preparing for blockchain, though not all are ready to implement it, study finds

Health Care Current | December 11, 2018

My Take: Life sciences outlook for 2019: Moving from the hypothetical into a new reality

  • In the news:
    • White House report: Competition can lower health care costs, drive quality
    • CMS previews 2019 hospital star ratings
    • FDA Database Recognition program will let test developers use public genetic data
    • MACPAC releases annual data on Medicaid and CHIP enrollment, spending
    • Health care spending rising more slowly, CMS’s actuaries find
    • AHIP, CMS, NQF finalize effort to align quality measures across payers
  • Breaking Boundaries:
    • CMS innovation center announces AI Health Outcomes Challenge

Health Care Current | December 4, 2018

My Take: Health care outlook for 2019: Five trends that could impact health plans, hospitals, and patients 

  • In the news:
    • New waiver guidance could let states change federal subsidies for exchanges
    • FDA proposes modernization of medical device approval pathway
    • CMS proposal would allow Part D plans to exclude some drugs in protected classes
    • Real-world evidence can improve clinical trial participation, increase efficiency
    • HHS releases strategy to reduce health IT burden
    • HHS finalizes implementation of 340B rule for January 1, 2019
    • Kentucky’s Medicaid work requirement is approved, again
  • Breaking Boundaries:
    • Health tech CEOs team up to bring high-tech solutions to Medicaid beneficiaries

December 2018

Archive issues

Health Care Current | November 20, 2018
States that expand Medicaid in 2019 could see spike in utilization, but fewer non-emergency ER visits

Health Care Current | November 13, 2018
Tax reform law could stimulate R&D, but big life sciences firms don’t intend to boost overall wages or headcount

Health Care Current | November 8, 2018
What does the election mean for health care and life sciences?

Health Care Current | November 6, 2018
An industry on the brink of exponential change: Health in 2040

November 2018

Health Care Current | October 30, 2018
My conference in Colombia: In this foreign country, health care challenges don’t seem so foreign

Health Care Current | October 23, 2018
Access to cost and quality data could help physicians succeed in value-based care

Health Care Current | October 16, 2018
From ‘doing digital’ to ‘becoming digital’: Biopharma companies can consider a North Star approach to digital transformation

Health Care Current | October 9, 2018
EHRs: From data repositories to powerful workflow engines

Health Care Current | October 2, 2018
What strategies are really helping employers control health care costs?

October 2018

Health Care Current | September 25, 2018
At-home diagnostic tools give medical-device manufactures a new way to connect with consumers

Health Care Current | September 18, 2018
If health is wealth…give me my data

Health Care Current | September 11, 2018
From diagnosing symptoms to assisting clinicians, digital assistants are plugging into health care

September 2018

Health Care Current | August 28, 2018
Building a ‘longer lever’ could help lower costs and elevate quality outcomes in Medicaid

Health Care Current | August 21, 2018
An eye on growth in outpatient hospital services

Health Care Current | August 14, 2018
Eight IoT barriers for connected medical devices…and how to overcome them

Health Care Current | August 7, 2018
As summer break draws to a close, clinicians should prepare for their ‘junior year’ of MACRA

August 2018

Health Care Current | July 31, 2018
Medicare’s 2019 payment proposal is another reason to embrace virtual care

Health Care Current | July 24, 2018
Six months into tax reform, what do life sciences and health care companies intend to do with the savings?

Health Care Current | July 17, 2018
Drug-discount program emerges as hot summer topic on Capitol Hill

Health Care Current July 10, 2018
For many biopharmaceutical companies, the future of drug development lives in the real world

July 2018

Health Care Current June 26, 2018
Physicians and health systems could be left behind if they ignore consumer interest in virtual care

Health Care Current June 19, 2018
The administration’s blueprint to lower drug prices and reduce consumer costs is likely to be a complicated game of Risk

Health Care Current June 12, 2018
Medicare Part D vs. the exchanges: with so many similarities, why have the two programs fared so differently?

Health Care Current June 5, 2018
Four strategies states should consider to help beneficiaries comply with Medicaid work requirements

June 2018

Health Care Current May 22, 2018
In the fight against opioid addiction and abuse, many health plans and PBMs are turning to data

Health Care Current May 15, 2018
Six ways technology could help transform the roles of nurses and radiologists in hospitals

Health Care Current May 8, 2018
When health care makes us less healthy: The challenges of low-value care

Health Care Current May 1, 2018
Taking the robot out of the human: Meet the health care workforce of the future

May 2018

Health Care Current April 24, 2018
Latest CMS rulemaking indicates administration is all-in on Medicare Advantage

Health Care Current April 17, 2018
Technology and culture could expand roles for women working in hospitals

Health Care Current April 10, 2018
Convergence is innovation for health care, but converge to what?

Health Care Current April 3, 2018
Beyond bitcoin: Five possible uses for blockchain in health care

April 2018

Health Care Current March 27, 2018
In a post-ACA world, new state rules could impact Medicaid managed care margins

Health Care Current March 20, 2018
Medicare Advantage appears to be thriving: Three takeaways from our latest research

Health Care Current March 13, 2018
Once a vision for the future, virtual health is a reality of the present

Health Care Current March 6, 2018
Interconnectivity among health care stakeholders could increase cyber threats

March 2018

Health Care Current February 27, 2018
Yes, health care costs are high, but the reasons may not be so obvious

Health Care Current February 20, 2018
Taking Washington’s health pulse

Health Care Current February 13, 2018
From Olympic trials to clinical trials, emerging technologies can boost performance

Health Care Current February 6, 2018
Three big employers partner to tackle health care: The more the merrier?

February 2018

Health Care Current January 30, 2018
Technology holds promise to improve the patient journey

Health Care Current January 23, 2018
To build a championship team, health systems should draft the right players and support them

Health Care Current January 16, 2018
Many states seek more tools to address drug spending in Medicaid

Health Care Current January 9, 2018
Happy New Year! What’s ahead for us?

January 2018

Health Care Current December 21, 2017
360-degree view of tax reform: Likely implications for life sciences and health care organizations

Health Care Current December 19, 2017
Can emerging technology help biopharma improve the returns on R&D?

Health Care Current December 12, 2017
The health care sector experienced many bright spots in 2017

Health Care Current December 5, 2017
2018 health plans outlook: More policy uncertainty likely ahead, but larger market shifts and business trends continue to redefine the sector

December 2017

Health Care Current November 21, 2017
2018 outlook: Life sciences firms could see some legislative headwinds, regulatory momentum

Health Care Current November 14, 2017
My Take: 2018 outlook: Many hospitals and health systems will be straddling two canoes

Health Care Current November 7, 2017
My Take: Once seen as a cost driver, technology is now often helping hospitals control costs

November 2017

Health Care Current October 31, 2017
The millennial workforce: How can hospital CEOs keep up?

Health Care Current October 24, 2017
The president’s executive order on health care: Not repeal, but is it a big deal?

Health Care Current October 17, 2017
Hospital execs reveal potential recipe for ‘high-value’ mergers and acquisitions

Health Care Current October 10, 2017
Robots, AI, and cognitive analysis: How technology is disrupting hospitals around the globe

Health Care Current October 3, 2017
In an era of exponentials, health care is on the cusp of a potential major transformation

October 2017

Health Care Current September 26, 2017
As health care plugs in, consumers want to know medical information is safe

Health Care Current September 19, 2017
Untie the Gordian Knot, knit together a collaboration

Health Care Current September 12, 2017
Back to school: The reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic of health care

September 2017

Health Care Current August 29, 2017
Experiments with Medicaid work requirements could create opportunities, administrative hurdles for health plans

Health Care Current August 22, 2017
Can MACRA promote greater synergy across Medicaid and Medicare APMs to transform care?

Health Care Current August 8, 2017
Hotspotting helped show us the link between social determinants and health …so how do we fix it?

Health Care Current August 1, 2017
What keeps health system CEOs up at night?

August 2017

Health Care Current July 25, 2017
In health care, we’ve learned to expect the unexpected

Health Care Current July 18, 2017
HSAs can help offset future health costs, but funding them is a struggle for some

Health Care Current July 11, 2017
As Congress pushes for Medicaid change, could a version of Reagan’s grand bargain simplify the program?

July 2017

Health Care Current June 27, 2017
Political fireworks of health reform may be nearing a crescendo

Health Care Current June 20, 2017
Cures, drug pricing, and collaboration are red-hot topics at summer life sciences conferences

Health Care Current June 13, 2017
With or without IPAB, we could see cuts to Medicare in 2018

Health Care Current June 6, 2017
Fixing health care’s affordability crisis – Let’s win this one for the Gipper!

June 2017

Health Care Current May 23, 2017
MACRA: Quietly transforming health care

Health Care Current May 16, 2017
Do higher patient experience ratings yield better clinical outcomes?

Health Care Current May 9, 2017
As House Republicans celebrate the AHCA, Senators begin to roll up their sleeves

Health Care Current May 2, 2017
Where we stand 103 days into the new administration

May 2017

Health Care Current: April 25, 2017
Incubators could help medtech innovators hatch new products…and get them to market

Health Care Current: April 18, 2017
Cures Act: An important mile marker in the journey to treat disease

Health Care Current: April 11, 2017
A new wave of opportunity for Medicaid innovation

Health Care Current: April 4, 2017
MACRA offers a bridge away from fee-for-service as good as the Golden Gate

April 2017

Health Care Current: March 28, 2017
The American Health Care Act has failed: What happens now?

Health Care Current: March 21, 2017
No one is an island: Managing post-acute care in the 21st century

Health Care Current: March 14, 2017
What does the new administration mean for life sciences companies?

Health Care Current: March 7, 2017
The business case for hospital collaboratives

March 2017

Health Care Current: February 28, 2017
Curing what ails the individual health insurance market: Considering the role of state high-risk pools

Health Care Current: February 21, 2017
Direct from HIMSS17: Customers are driving transformation in health care from the outside in

Health Care Current: February 14, 2017
The future for Medicare Advantage: A new generation of enrollees may ask more of their plans

Health Care Current: February 7, 2017
Blockchain: Coming soon to a health care use case near you

February 2017

Health Care Current: January 31, 2017
Are bundled payments an innovation in care delivery?

Health Care Current: January 24, 2017
How will the first 100 days of the Trump Administration impact long-term health care costs?

Health Care Current: January 17, 2017
Collaboration as a key to success in pharmaceutical R&D

Health Care Current: January 10, 2017
Considering the fate of the ACA: Repeal & devolve, not repeal & replace

Health Care Current: January 3, 2017
Lessons from Caesar: Looking back to move forward in health care

January 2017

Health Care Current: December 20, 2016
2016: Year in review for health care

Health Care Current: December 13, 2016
What’s on the horizon for the Military Health System?

Health Care Current: December 6, 2016
Global health care challenges need global solutions

December 2016

Health Care Current: November 22, 2016
Improving patient outcomes through changes to oncology payments

Health Care Current: November 15, 2016
The shifting landscape of emergency services

Health Care Current: November 10, 2016
What might Donald Trump’s election mean for health care?

Health Care Current: November 1, 2016
You can’t build a new house without the proper tools

November 2016

Health Care Current: October 25, 2016
What do the Ford Model T, retail clinics, and MACRA have in common?

Health Care Current: October 18, 2016
Going to school on MACRA: Building a foundation for succession

Health Care Current: October 11, 2016
Repeat after me: Inventions do not always lead to innovation

Health Care Current: October 4, 2016
Is wellness the unicorn of health care?

October 2016

Health Care Current: September 27, 2016
EHRs, health IT, and the future of patient relationship management

Health Care Current: September 20, 2016
MACRA: Changing the foundation of health care, one brick at a time

Health Care Current: September 13, 2016
A glimpse into the future: What technologies will allow consumers to get care at home?

September 2016

Health Care Current: August 30, 2016
Medicaid final rule defines the future of LTSS

Health Care Current: August 23, 2016
Telehealth: Aligning the incentives with the demand

Health Care Current: August 16, 2016
Innovation through convergence: You cannot do it alone

Health Care Current: August 9, 2016
Innovation in health care: Getting more for less

Health Care Current: August 2, 2016
The Cancer Moonshot initiative: Taking a giant leap toward a cure

August 2016

Health Care Current: July 26, 2016
Evolving drug policy: Working toward a solution

Health Care Current: July 19, 2016
MACRA: The status quo is not an option

Health Care Current: July 12, 2016
Please rate your stay: A better patient experience is associated with higher hospital margins

July 2016

Health Care Current: June 28, 2016
Improving patient outcomes: Translating better evidence into better results

Health Care Current: June 21, 2016
Managing the costs of diabetes care

Health Care Current: June 14, 2016
Social saving lives: Using social, mobile, analytics, and cloud services in new ways

June 2016

Health Care Current: May 31, 2016
Collaboration at every level: Solving the country’s opioid crisis

Health Care Current: May 24, 2016
Changing expectations: Preparing the physician of the future

Health Care Current: May 17, 2016
Teaching health care consumers to sing

Health Care Current: May 10, 2016
Getting to real value in health care

Health Care Current: May 3, 2016
MACRA: Health care transformation is picking up speed

May 2016

Health Care Current: April 26, 2016
Can health care break the cycle of cyber attacks?

Health Care Current: April 19, 2016
A glimpse into the future of health care at VA

Health Care Current: April 12, 2016
Planning ahead – for retirement and CMS payment policy changes

Health Care Current: April 5, 2016
Paying for innovation in medical technology

April 2016

Health Care Current: March 29, 2016
Provider-sponsored plans: The innovation health care needs

Health Care Current: March 22, 2016
Is medical innovation ready for the evolution of value-based care?

Health Care Current: March 15, 2016
Improving medication adherence: It’s personal

Health Care Current: March 8, 2016
Laying new tracks for measuring performance in health care

Health Care Current: March 1, 2016
Can technology-enabled home health provide care and convenience?

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March 2016

Health Care Current: February 23, 2016
The evolving state of innovation: Are 1332 waivers leading the way?

Health Care Current: February 16, 2016
The next frontier of patient-centered care

Health Care Current: February 9, 2016
Academic medical centers: Making innovation a core competency

Health Care Current: February 2, 2016
Navigating the blizzard of health care regulation and legislation

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February 2016

Health Care Current: January 26, 2016
Why the Cadillac tax should (still) not be ignored

Health Care Current: January 19, 2016
Flying solo: ACOs slow to integrate specialty physicians

Health Care Current: January 12, 2016
Digging in: How are employers investing in health and wellness?

Health Care Current: January 5, 2016
The health care innovator of the year

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January 2016

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