Health care transformation and the new reality


Health care transformation and the new reality

New insights from Deloitte thought leaders

Watch the videos provided below for insights on how health care organizations are dealing with the multiple changes that require collaboration, innovation, and inclusion in order to gain a competitive advantage.

The CIO as Chief Integration Officer

Data has become crucial to the operation of every department across the health care enterprise. As the caretaker of the organization’s data and as the key integration point among the C-suite, the CIO’s work touches every facet of the business—requiring innovation and integration of multiple systems to deliver a better care experience to the patient.

Watch this video, as Deloitte health care specialists discuss the changing role of the CIO, and how their success will hinge upon creating an atmosphere of collaboration, innovation, and inclusion. These thought leaders tackle the blueprint for success, and review the steps that may be required for the CIO to become a “Chief Integration Officer.”

The CIO as Chief Integration Officer

Creating transparency: A new model for the health care experience​

Between the demands of the government, board members, and most importantly patients and consumers, access to more data is becoming a common ask of modern health care providers.

Data that was once reserved for the complexities and subtleties of medicine are now commonly discussed, with the consumer researching all of their available options. Everything from major surgery to routine care services is questioned by the consumer, pushing providers to grant more access than ever to deliver on the promise of value.

In this latest video, Deloitte health care thought leaders examine the increasing consumer demand for transparency, and the doors advanced analytics systems have opened to transparency across the enterprise – creating a new model of care for health care delivery.

Creating transparency: A new model for the health care experience

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