Health care reform


Health Care Reform

Quality, Cost, Transparency: Transforming the US health care system

Market-driven and legislative forces are colliding to transform the health care ecosystem. Find out more about how health reform is transforming the US health care system today and how it will impact the life sciences and health care industry tomorrow.

Changes to health insurance access and fee-for-service care are already underway. The patent cliff, end of the blockbuster model and a new wave of regulatory reforms are redefining life sciences. Business models that were once highly effective for health systems, health plans, pharmaceutical and medical device companies may no longer be viable. The focus is now on extracting more value from the U.S. health care system and aligning incentives to do so. Clinical outcomes, cost reduction, and quality improvement will be in the spotlight for the foreseeable future.

Leaders both inside and outside the traditionally defined life sciences and health care industry have hard choices to make. No one is immune from change, and for many, their business models could be turned upside down. Will your value proposition stand the test of time? Are you making the right investments in technology, innovation, and analytics to compete in a new value-driven world?  How are you embracing strategic risk? There’s hard work ahead, and Deloitte can assist.

The impact on health care providers, health plans and life sciences companies

Young Adults and Health Insurance: Not Invincible – But Perhaps Convincible

As the first open enrollment period drew to a close, Deloitte surveyed young adults – both those who did and did not enroll in coverage – for their views about health insurance. 

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A View from the Center

A View from the Center blog is a forum for sharing timely insights, research, and forward thinking around health care, reform, and what lies ahead for the life sciences and health care industry and its stakeholders.

Annual Check-up on Physician Adoption of Health IT


Deloitte’s 2014 Survey of U.S. Physicians examined physicians’ current use and overall views of mobile health (mHealth) technologies, Meaningful Use (MU) and electronic health records (EHRs).

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