Retail reigns in health care

The rise of consumer power and its organization and workforce implications

The health care industry is in the midst of a retail transformation, with the government pushing for greater enrollment, organizations having access to abundant consumer data and consumers demanding more health plan options and better service. Consumers want to analyze different options and choose the health care coverage that best meets their needs and cost expectations. This has become especially important as previously uninsured individuals purchase insurance and a large contingent of currently insured individuals shift from employer-based coverage to government-based coverage and individual coverage.

As individual buyers become the focus of the health care industry, new trends that emphasize the increasing importance of a retail mindset have emerged for health care organizations.

Read this report to find out more about emerging trends and learn about solutions to the following changes below:

  • Analytics-driven approaches required to define product and pricing
  • Emerging technologies used to improve the consumer experience
  • Member acquisition and renewal becoming key success factors
  • Consumer data requiring focused data analytics capabilities
  • Coordination between health plans and pharmaceutical organizations improving service levels for consumers
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