2013 Health plan retail capability survey

Survey says...Health plans advance retail capabilities

“Retail” is a hot topic in the health insurance industry today for good reasons. From the creation of health insurance marketplaces, to the continued growth in Medicaid and Medicare, to the defined contribution movement and the rise of private exchanges, the sale and delivery of health insurance is requiring an increasing focus on the individual consumer.

​​Deloitte’s 2013 health plan retail capability survey

Deloitte Consulting LLP launched the Health Plan Retail Capabilities Survey to expand our understanding of the industry’s current capabilities and future investment priorities to serve the most dramatically changing segment of the health insurance market—the commercial individual market.

At an individual health plan level, data from this survey can help to assess the plan’s capability position relative to competition in the marketplace. By looking at current capabilities and future investment priorities versus those of others, health plans can identify fundamental gaps, as well as potential differentiating strengths.


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​​Key themes of Deloitte’s 2013 health plan retail capabilities survey

Forty-six health plans participated in an online survey in late 2013. Respondents represented approximately 60 percent of the commercial individual marketplace spanning national, regional, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, provider-sponsored, established and new-entrant plans. Analysis of the survey data reveals three themes:

  1. Product, pricing and consumer experience capabilities top health plan’s priority investment list.
  2. Near term investment plans focus on regulatory requirements and retention capabilities but widen the aperture to consumer insight, consumer experience and channel in the longer term.
  3. Technology investments in transparency, mobility, CRM and analytics are fundamental to supporting desired business capabilities.


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Ready to retail?

How to prioritize your investments in 2014 and beyond

In collaboration with America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), Deloitte Consulting LLP held a webinar where it presented the findings from the 2013 Health Plan Retail Capabilities Survey. The presenters provide their perspective on the current and future retail capability landscape and implications for health plans.

Insights from the webinar include:

  • Understand standard, leading and pioneering health plan retail capabilities across Branding & Marketing, Product & Pricing, Distribution, Enrollment & Renewal, Member Engagement and Customer Experience
  • Identify where industry players are planning investments in the future
  • Assess their own retail capability investment strategy using a structured approach and framework

Watch a live stream of the webinar, or if you would like to a copy of the presentation slides please contact Ed Vela.


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Ready to retail?

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