Hospital repurposing

What to do if you've built beds and they don't come

With the decline in demand for hospital beds, what can hospitals do with the space that is no longer needed?

Repurposing driven by new care models

A number of factors, including new care models and technological disruptions, have contributed to the reduction in demand for hospital beds. Previous metrics such as bed days are being replaced by new metrics to measure cost per outcome and value-based care initiatives gear towards keeping patients out of the hospital. What can be done do to meet this challenge?

What to do if you've built beds and they don't come, examines space repurposing as an answer. Underutilized assets tend to result in poor margins and an increased cost per patient. Repurposing allows hospitals to shift their focus from utilization to cost optimization; to maximize patient outcomes, reduce total cost per outcome, and provide a return on assets.

This concise piece provides several repurposing options for hospitals; including those that could offer the highest financial return. The paper also illustrates:

  • Why the negative growth occurs
  • The new model of space planning driven by patient-centered care
  • Examples of success from early adopters of space repurposing

The decrease in demand for acute care beds is likely to continue and hospital repurposing should be considered. The time has come to shift the focus from filling beds to maximizing space and assets.

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