Life Sciences Executive Series

Insights for Life Sciences CEO's, CFO's and CIO's

Deloitte launched the Life Sciences Executive Series to help life sciences executives identify business priorities and provide guidance on how to navigate their companies through this ever-changing business climate. To create meaningful content, leaders in Deloitte’s Life Sciences practice conducted market research and identified current trends to create concise briefs around these critical issues.

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For the CEO

The CEO series addresses those elements most critical to the CEO such as industry consolidation, demographic trends, attracting skilled talent, the impact of health care reform and the potential effects of the “patent cliff.”

For the CFO

The CFO series addresses key financial implications of business transactions and operations within the life sciences industry on a global basis such as new industry specific taxes, increased regulatory compliance and global shared service centers.

For the CIO

The CIO series addresses the increasingly critical role of information technology in the life sciences industry from security and privacy issues to the current shift in purchasing patterns and move toward a value-based system which requires advanced analytics and big data to support the objective evaluation of products. 

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