Preparing for the new paradigm

How Academic Health Centers are adapting to the forces of transformation

​Academic Health Centers (AHCs, Academic Medical Centers or AMCs) have often faced unique challenges resulting from their tripartite mission of research, education and clinical care. The evolving landscape of the US health care system, rising health care costs, limitations on government funding and new payment models are causing some AHCs to perceive an increased level of vulnerability. This new paradigm can fundamentally change the industry. How can AHCs not only thrive, but pioneer their organizations and the industry in education, research and care delivery?

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​A new paper by Deloitte sheds light on key challenges facing AHCs, as well as the preparations some AHCs are undertaking in this new paradigm. This report combines first hand research compiled from a Monitor Deloitte study (survey and interviews) of Association of Academic Health Centers (AAHC) members and Monitor Deloitte’s perspective on how leading institutions are adapting to the industry changes.

Preparing for the new paradigm: How Academic Health Centers are adapting to the forces of transformation, explores answers to the following questions:

  • What is the new paradigm and what is the impact on AHCs?
  • What are the leading issues and challenges facing AHCs today as identified by some AHC leaders?
  • What are four organizing principles AHCs can adopt to help address their challenges?
  • How can innovative leadership play a part in forging a new path?

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