Toward systemness

Withstanding the test of time

Toward Systemness is a three-part series which takes a detailed look at the key activities Deloitte has identified for health care providers to create sustainable and scaleable improvements.

Today’s health care landscape, as well as the need to satisfy cost reduction and quality improvement imperatives, is driving provider organizations to pursue the goal of operating with greater coordination, integration, and productivity – or “Systemness.”

Deloitte’s three-part series outlines critical and sequential steps for providers to adapt their organizations to be successful in the new and dynamic health care marketplace. First, executives should consider starting at the heart of their organization by redefining their operating model, followed by structuring their executive team to execute the strategy, and, finally, defining the organization’s reporting structure and decision rights framework.

Download the three parts of the series to take a detailed look at the activities necessary to produce improvements that can withstand the test of time. 

Part One: Rethinking the health system operating model, illustrates:

  • Steps to take and questions to answer before redesigning an operating model
  • Four operating model examples, potential risks and organization competencies
  • Key considerations for future state operational decision making

Part Two: Transforming system leadership to implement and sustain a new operating model, describes:

  • Impacts leading to the evolving role of the hospital CEO
  • Why physician leaders are mission critical for future effectiveness
  • How a local health system with physician leadership might be structured

Part Three: Aligning on the operating model through reporting structure and decision rights, covers:

  • How to define decision rights and align to future state operating model
  • Key considerations for operating model and organization design
  • Why standardization of approach to service delivery is important
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