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Deloitte at AHA Summit 2018

Look again at your financials. Let us help you improve performance.

Health care leaders from Deloitte will gather to share insights on leveraging new and more advanced analytic capabilities to reduce cost while maximizing the quality and value of care at the fifth annual Advanced Healthcare Analytics Summit (AHA 2018) on May 22 – 24 in Boston, MA.

The changing health care environment

The changing health care environment has created broad issues for providers related to both care delivery and financial aspects of health care organizations. Payment model changes, advances in medical technology, and continued growth in costs are forcing massive changes across the health care industry, with providers taking the brunt. To respond effectively to market forces, providers will need to take a different view on how to operate their organizations moving forward. Improving margin is critical for achieving the expected results.

Deloitte can help your organization take a fresh look through analytics to help you see new possibilities and potentially improve performance. From leveraging technology to reduce clinical variation to optimizing physician networks, we can help you manage your revenue expectations and operating costs across your organization so you can thrive in an environment of rapid change.

Event details:

​Register for the AHA summit and visit the Deloitte booth to explore how we can support you in your analytics journey.

Private demonstrations of innovative solutions

ConvergeHEALTH by Deloitte will showcase a suite of innovative solutions in our booth.

Provider Intellect product suite of health care margin improvement capabilities:

  • Care Intellect is a provider performance-improvement analytics solution designed to deliver higher-value care by managing variation across patient encounters and integrating leading evidence-based practices to improve patient outcomes and discover related cost-saving opportunities.
  • Network Insight is a flexible, guided-analytics platform that is designed to analyze and deploy an optimal mix of practitioners that supports value-based care. Network Insight empowers health care organizations and health plans to thrive in a post-MACRA environment by deploying an optimal mix of primary care practitioners and specialists to support value-based, outcomes-centered care.

These solutions, coupled with Deloitte Consulting LLP services, can enable clients to continue the transition from volume to value.

Please contact us at to set up a demonstration or meeting to discuss what insights we can provide to you as you look to shape the future of your organization.

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