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[Video] Health Plans 2025

How business trends and technological innovations will shape the future of health plans

In June, America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) brought together the nation's leaders in healthcare. In his session Health Plans 2025, David Biel, US leader, principal, Health Plans, Deloitte Consulting LLP, discussed the greatest impact, implications, and opportunities for health plans—now and in the future.

Health Plans 2025 at AHIP 2017

We are in the midst of an era of innovation and disruption that is impacting every aspect of the business world. Health plans are not immune to these changes and there are great opportunities for those organizations that anticipate and embrace these coming shifts. In his session at AHIP 2017, David Biel discussed the key trends that will have greatest impact, implications, and opportunities for health plans. Watch the video below.

Watch the video: David Biel on Health Plans 2025

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Aligning health plans and providers

​While the Affordable Care Act improved access to coverage for many Americans, the recent Presidential election has created uncertainty about the future of this law. Whether access comes through subsidies on Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchanges, expanded Medicaid, or other legislative solutions or we return to higher levels of uninsured, health care spending per covered person will continue to be a challenge. How will continued health care cost increases be paid for, and how can these increases be dampened?

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David Biel

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