Clinical integration


Clinical Integration

Health Care Providers

Deloitte health care specialists can help your organization capture the benefits and advantages of clinical integration. We help you build the physician leadership programs that align with your business objectives and offer innovative strategies and tools to raise the level of care and lower costs.

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A clinical approach to improving care and lowering costs

No matter what business model your health care organization operates under, clinical integration is crucial to advancing the quality of care, reducing errors, improving safety and avoiding financial penalties. Deloitte clinical integration specialists, including teams of doctors, nurses, and coders, can help you put in place the strategies, programs, and technologies to reach this goal.

We work with your teams to facilitate physician and clinician alignment with your business objectives. From extensive experience, we understand the critical role of physician leadership in your governing structure and the need to focus on outcome-based reimbursement. We offer clinical integration strategies and tools that work across the continuum of care to help you:

  • Coordinate patient care across acute and post-acute settings, providers, and conditions 
  • Align goals and incentives across your range of providers to encourage productivity and shared goals
  • Improve care transitions, reduce overlap, and improve patient management 
  • Build infrastructure and leverage analytics tools to aggregate, analyze, and apply clinical data to improve future outcomes

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