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Deloitte specialists know that technology alone isn’t enough to improve patient care, reduce administrative costs, and meet compliance standards. That’s why we work with you from strategy to implementation, helping arm you with the tools, the deep industry skills and experience, and the latest research to decrease risk, reduce loss, and to position you to achieve your technology objectives.

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Information is the lifeblood of care

Deloitte health care and technology specialists see technology as much more than hardware and software or tablets and smart phones. We see a way to assist you in transforming your health care organization to meet your business objectives, gain a competitive advantage, improve clinical efficiencies, and raise the standards of patient care. 

The understanding of your business, clinical and patient needs, and the role technology can play in meeting them is a foundation of our enterprise health systems work. We provide strategic advice, offer insight from heath care subject matter professionals, and help make certain that you not only select the right technology for you, but that it’s implemented and managed in the most efficient and effective way possible. 

In Clinical Information Systems (CIS), as an example, we engage with you and your team from start to finish. Designing, testing, and rolling out the CIS that can help transform your organization to reduce costs, streamline information management, and meet increasingly complex standards and regulations. 


The innovator hospital: Poised to deliver future care

The Innovator Hospital: Poised to Deliver Future Care is an eBook that features valuable insights on the changing landscape of the Healthcare IT industry. Learn about leading practices from our thought leaders and their strategic thinking through a series of interviews by Deloitte’s key industry leaders, client interviews, research, and thought leadership articles on government reform, new risk-based models such as value-based care, M&A activities, growing patient populations with complex needs, and increased competition amid shrinking resources that are driving transformation. 

Topics explored in this eBook include:

  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • mHealth
  • Analytics
  • HIT
  • Virtual Health
  • ACO’s
  • Security Risks
The Innovator Hospital: Poised to Deliver Future Care

Learn more about our solutions for Technology-Enabled Transformation

  • Mobile Health (mHealth)
  • Applied Analytics Services
  • Application Management
  • HIT Shared Services