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Fraud and Forensic

Health Care Providers

Experienced Deloitte professionals bring a range of skills and tools to help health care systems and hospitals identify and protect against fraud. Our forensic specialists have deep knowledge in analyzing, interrogating, and reconstructing transactions and financial statements to help you mitigate loss or recover assets.

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Protecting your organization against fraud

In an increasingly complex and sophisticated financial environment, Deloitte specialists have the know-how to help protect against fraud and the skills to deal with it if it does occur. Our teams of fraud and forensic professionals can help you quickly track and analyze financial and electronic records and transactions and preserve the information as forensic evidence.

Our proactive fraud detection software like DTect is designed to aid in the analysis of historical transactional data to identify irregularities and uncover potential criminal activity. Our forensic and dispute specialists also offer you industry-leading experience in investigations, litigation, and economic damage modeling.

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