Technology: Creating value through IT

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Fierce competition, regulation and game-changing business strategies can lead to increased operational efficiency and greater impact, value and service to the end customer. At the same time, the old batch approach to business processing is over. For many, real-time or near-real-time processing is table stakes for survival. Deloitte professionals understand the business and software landscape and have access to tools and tested methodologies needed to develop roadmaps and plans.

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New investments and new attitudes drive IT to center stage

While much progress has been made in terms of IT providing transformative business value in areas such as customer experience, mass customization, clinical management, value-based care and digital, these investments should be part of a broad strategy, and roadmap with IT at the core of delivering this value. Central to this strategy is the need to address critical questions with greater speed and agility. And ultimately, the way people, policy, and technology work together will likely affect how quickly and successfully change will happen within your organization. Deloitte approaches this challenge from a broad perspective. Our teams are experienced not only in health care and IT, but also in the strategy, talent, and financial disciplines that make IT more than an academic exercise. And we combine our multidisciplinary team with core business knowledge from other industry sectors.

Our approach

Our practice focuses on the following key areas:

  • IT strategy – Creating an implementable strategy and roadmap to effectively support the business.
  • IT governance and portfolio management – Making sure effective structures and disciplines are in place to effectively organize and deliver value.
  • Lean IT – Adding overall agility and effectiveness of the organization to delivery.
  • Enterprise architecture – Creating a framework and a process to link the technology investments to the business.
  • Application portfolio rationalization – Targeting and retiring redundant solutions to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Master data management – Methodology and approach to managing critical information assets instrumental in succeeding.
  • Application, data and infrastructure architecture – Increasing efficiency and effectiveness to attain real-time and scalable solutions.
  • Package selection – Accelerating the decision of build vs. buy capabilities.

Our approach

Potential benefits

With a full strategy and IT core to delivering business value, potential benefits may include improved operational efficiency and effectiveness, a higher return on infrastructure spending, and a greater agility in serving customer needs and adopting innovation throughout the business. 

Potential benefits