Health Information Technology (HIT) Shared Services

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Experienced Deloitte health care technology specialists provide the insights that can help your organization understand the challenges and benefits of moving to a shared services model.

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Sharing the insights that can lead to higher efficiencies and lower costs

Is it more advantageous for your organization to move towards outsourcing or shared services? Which is better adapted to handle the shift from volume-based payments to value-based purchasing? From strategy to system identification and implementation, Deloitte professionals work with you to put the models and systems in place that can help your organization realize a competitive advantage and lower costs.

Deloitte technology consultants can help your organization make the move to a shared services model that can improve compliance and security, enhance operational efficiencies, increase care coordination, achieve better clinical outcomes and reduce overall costs.

eBook: The Innovator Hospital

The Innovator Hospital: Poised to Deliver Future Care is an eBook that features valuable insights on the changing landscape of the Healthcare IT industry. Learn about leading practices from our thought leaders and their strategic thinking through a series of interviews by Deloitte’s key industry leaders, client interviews, research and thought leadership articles on government reform, new risk-based models such as value-based care, M&A activities, growing patient populations with complex needs and increased competition amid shrinking resources that are driving transformation. 

Topics explored in this eBook include:

  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • mHealth
  • Analytics
  • HIT
  • Virtual Health
  • ACO’s
  • Security Risks

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