inViewRx: Health care compliance analytics tool

A cloud-based open payments data solution

Gain valuable insights into open payments data, backed by Deloitte's deep experience with life sciences compliance, commercial, and medical teams. Get this—and more—with our flexible, secure, accessible, and economical health care compliance analytics tool.

Compliance risk monitoring

​inViewRx's compliance risk monitoring methodology is derived from regulatory and legal requirements, industry codes and guidelines, and other leading practices related to ethics and compliance programs.

The inViewRx framework lays out an organization's compliance risk landscape and organizes it into risk domains, while the methodology contemplates both objective and subjective ways to assess those risks. And the output of assessing risk helps organizations prioritize and plan for efficient evaluating and monitoring—and for a deeper dive into specified risk areas.

Deloitte help organizations modernize their compliance and monitoring activities through the:

  • Application of advanced technologies and analytics
  • Implementation of alternative delivery models
  • Development of new operating models

Specifically, our inViewRx health care compliance analytics tool can enable companies to:

  • Build dashboards for compliance monitoring, investigations, and outcomes
  • Monitor meal and travel expenses against policy
  • Measure speaker program engagement and return on education
  • Track live program monitoring activities and outcomes
  • Detect data issues that can impact transparency reporting

Open payments data for commercial benchmarking

​Publicly available data can be leveraged to compare your marketing activities against industry peers. That means inViewRx can help companies:

  • Identify marketing budgets used by peers by viewing speaking and in-office meals
  • Plan launch strategies by viewing peers' marketing activities over time
  • Determine utilization overlap by viewing peers and health care professionals (HCP) who are engaged by your company 
  • Measure payments made by product or HCP for speaking activities to determine if you're spending more or less per program than your peers 
  • Analyze payments made to specific HCPs and determine which are outliers in the industry as a whole
  • Use peer data to compare your fair-market-value rates against what the industry actually pays
  • Map travel distances to determine if expenses can be reduced by using regional HCPs
  • Measure speaker program engagement and return on education

inViewRx health care compliance analytics: Monitoring and utilization

  • ​Flexible: inViewRx integrates with both your organization's and publicly available data.
  • Secure: The secure cloud-based platform enables protected access wherever you need it.
  • Accessible: Full and ongoing access to the latest data offers you leading-in-class reporting.
  • Economical: inViewRx is a low-cost health care compliance analytics solution that does the hard work for you.

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