Merger Due Diligence

Health Care Providers

Deloitte M&A specialists understand that both financial and strategic due diligence are important to achieving the short and long-term goals of your merger or acquisition. We also believe that in today’s complex health care M&A environment, focusing on model-driven due diligence can have a positive impact on the transaction.

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Deloitte M&A specialists work with you from start to finish on complex M&A transactions. We can help your health care organization or hospital assess risk and compliance issues, provide tax and financial planning, determine cash flows and identify hidden costs.

Our M&A specialists can help you rethink how to focus the due diligence process to reduce risk. Our model-driven approach to due diligence can help measure and update the assumptions made during screening – and facilitate your ability to achieve the expected outcome.

Deloitte M&A specialists offer a full/broad range of services, including:

  • Risk and compliance assessments
  • Tax and financial planning
  • Cash flow and hidden cost determination
  • Stakeholder and shareholder impact insights

M&A Services. A holistic approach to transaction and consulting solutions

Health care providers are facing new and different stresses. Some are market-driven—escalating costs, pricing pressures, and growing patient populations. Others are more regulatory in nature—quality and transparency, increased scrutiny, and new financial models. As a result, health care organizations are looking to mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as a means to spur growth, improve care, cut costs, and strengthen their competitive position. Whether a transaction includes buying, selling, or partnering, our broad resources and multidisciplinary, integrated approach can support client needs across the entire M&A transaction. Download to discover a suite of Deloitte M&A services that drive value and innovation across the M&A life cycle.

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