Mergers & Acquisitions Strategy

Health Care Providers

As the health care industry confronts a range of health reform challenges, Deloitte specialists offer innovative strategies, new approaches to vertical integration and broad M&A services. We work with your organization to help capture competitive and cost advantages, whether that means a merger, an acquisition or leveraging post-acute or home health care strategies.

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M&A for a competitive advantage and sustainable growth

In today’s complex post-reform environment, experienced Deloitte specialists can help you evaluate the risks and opportunities involved in mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures, as well as partnerships and affiliations. Whether you are acquiring a physician’s group or forming an Accountable Care Organization, we offer a portfolio of strategies as well as operating model assessments. 

Our M&A specialists take an integrated approach by offering services that span your transaction from strategy development to closing and execution of the implementation plan. We can also help you integrate strategy with the technology to achieve your goals.

Our health care professionals can also help you explore new ways to reduce costs and meet consumer demand through home health care and post-acute care models. From partnering with other organizations to leveraging the latest technology to improving care, we can help your organization identify the risks and uncover the opportunities.

Going vertical: Post-acute care as an opportunity for growth

Faced with declining income and narrower revenue streams, greater pressure for coordinated care, and more uncertain payment systems, hospitals may need a new survival and growth strategy. Involvement with post-acute care should be considered in order to remain viable in the new landscape.

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M&A Services: A holistic approach to transaction and consulting solutions

Health care providers are facing new and different stresses. Some are market-driven—escalating costs, pricing pressures, and growing patient populations. Others are more regulatory in nature—quality and transparency, increased scrutiny, and new financial models. As a result, health care organizations are looking to mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as a means to spur growth, improve care, cut costs, and strengthen their competitive position. Whether a transaction includes buying, selling, or partnering, our broad resources and multidisciplinary, integrated approach can support client needs across the entire M&A transaction. 

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