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Health Care Providers

The proliferation of mobile technology is making it possible for your health care organization to provide a more versatile, personalized approach to care. But in order to realize the full potential of mobile health (mHealth) and improve care, there are four important factors to consider: people, places, payment and purpose. Deloitte mHealth specialists are ready to work with you to leverage mHealth to help lower costs and improve patient outcomes.

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Moving to mobile to meet demand and create value

Your business professionals, clinicians, physicians and patients already have what it takes to help you improve care, lower costs and transform your organization – mobile technology. Deloitte mHealth specialists provide the insight and experience to simplify and reduce the risk of using mobile technology to capture new opportunities and deliver a higher level of care. 

We offer a broad approach to mHealth. First, we help you gain a keen understanding of the demographics, so you target the suitable people with the right technology. We also offer deep insight into aligning an effective technology solution for your location. Third, we help you overcome regulatory and reimbursement issues with an innovative and demonstrated payment model. And finally, we can help you realize the full potential of mHealth by incorporating advanced analytics and case management models to treat disease and improve health.

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eBook: The Innovator Hospital

The Innovator Hospital: Poised to Deliver Future Care is an eBook that features valuable insights on the changing landscape of the Healthcare IT industry. Learn about leading practices from our thought leaders and their strategic thinking through a series of interviews by Deloitte’s key industry leaders, client interviews, research and thought leadership articles on government reform, new risk-based models such as value-based care, M&A activities, growing patient populations with complex needs and increased competition amid shrinking resources that are driving transformation. 

Topics explored in this eBook include:

  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • mHealth
  • Analytics
  • HIT
  • Virtual Health
  • ACO’s
  • Security Risks

Download the book or visit the e-book version HERE

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