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When it comes to meeting health care regulatory requirements, integration and vision are the keys to not only survive—but thrive. The financial and operational impact of regulation and legislative oversight in the health care industry is significant, and is all too often addressed with piecemeal, tactical solutions. While many organizations may see regulatory compliance solely as a negative hit to revenue, there is opportunity there as well—when you find an effective, integrated approach for your organization.

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​The value of integrating health care compliance

A proactive approach to tackling regulatory change can help your organization see beyond the cost of compliance and help you extract value. But this requires making regulatory compliance part of your operational strategy and repositioning your perspective—now rather than seeing fines and cost, you see an opportunity to improve care and reduce readmissions.

Are you taking advantage of all of the opportunities to gain the indirect benefits of change? Have you mapped all the places the ACA and an accountable care strategy will take you? You can see how regulations affect your clinical environment, but how visible are the effects on billing, IT, revenue and other functions? Your compliance vision should enable you to translate laws into action that meet regulatory and reporting requirements, as well as discover opportunities that allow your organization to better fulfill its mission.

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