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If your health plan is like most businesses, information technology (IT) is one of your biggest capital budget lines and one of your least visible functions. With the goals of driving efficiency up and costs down, IT has typically served the business. Now, IT is the business — and to make this change, technology needs to come out of the back office. Innovation and differentiation should become a focus in how your health plan leverages technology.

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Plans should upgrade both tech tools and tech culture to satisfy the new market

For health plans, it’s time for information technology (IT) to help drive the business, not just support it. The changing marketplace is making new demands that technology can help satisfy—from population management and analytics to the dashboards and mobile tools that bring trust to customer relationships.

To take IT on the journey from cost center to strategic differentiator, health plans should focus on long-term investment, controlled risk-taking and rapid, agile iterations. Plans will also need to consider where and how to apply finite resources to this business-centered technology, approach.

Do you know which technology investments will make the biggest, quickest difference on the bottom line? Are your leaders ready to back up new directives? Technology is now poised to become an engine of agility, innovation and engagement—with the right leadership, focus and support.

​Technology: Not just serving the business, it is the business

Information technology can become your organization’s strategic differentiator. But, putting technology at the center of a health plan’s business requires a two-pronged approach: focusing on the business of IT and becoming a partner in business innovation.

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