Technology-Enabled Transformation

Health Care Providers

Technology transformation is not only about upgrading to keep up with the latest innovations, but it is also about changing your business to make intelligent use of technology and data. It is at least part of the answer to almost every critical question you are asking about how your organization will succeed in the new health care environment. There are many opportunities to consider.

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Evolve your business to make the most of technology

There is a new frontier of analytics-based approaches that can help your organization address operational challenges like cost structures, clinical quality, workflows, supply chains, and risk controls. The demand for transparency and mobile technology is escalating rapidly. With so much data available, security and privacy concerns are likely top of mind for you and your team. There is much to be done – and fast. But before making these technology investments, it is important to know how it can help your organization make better decisions and run more efficiently. When you consider how each piece of your business can work better with technology, you will begin to reap the benefits of technology transformation.

Which investments will you need to make to create an accountable care organization that works efficiently? How will you address privacy and security risks as the flow of health data intensifies? How can the new breakthroughs in analytics help your organization make better decisions in all areas? Technology is changing fast. And your organization’s ability to not only keep up with those changes, but also get ahead of them, could be the competitive advantage you need to firmly grasp a leadership position in this new health care ecosystem.

Christiana Care: Increasing value and efficiencies through human resource service delivery transformation

With a decision looming about a major upgrade to their current HR management system (HRMS), HR and Finance leaders at Christiana Care initiated a broader assessment of how HR services were being delivered. Looking for simplification in systems throughout the organization and ready to not only explore other HRMS options but also enhance HR service delivery, Christiana Care engaged Deloitte to assist in the effort.

With a new HR operating model as its guide, the project team began assessing technology vendors against the model’s functional requirements for a new HRMS. After assessing various vendors, Christiana Care selected Workday, finding it met its needs on many levels.

After completing process redesign, Christiana Care and Deloitte began deploying Workday for core HR functions, payroll, and expense management, also taking advantage of Workday’s mobile capabilities. With the help of the accelerators and leading practices built into the Deloitte Workday methodology, which extends on Workday’s own deployment tools and methodology, along with the functionality within Workday, Christiana Care was able to handle the complex requirements of its clinical staff payroll and implement within 12 months.

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eBook: The Innovator Hospital

Poised to deliver future care

The Innovator Hospital: Poised to Deliver Future Care is an eBook that features valuable insights on the changing landscape of the Healthcare IT industry. Learn about leading practices from our thought leaders and their strategic thinking through a series of interviews by Deloitte’s key industry leaders, client interviews, research and thought leadership articles on government reform, new risk-based models such as value-based care, M&A activities, growing patient populations with complex needs and increased competition amid shrinking resources that are driving transformation.

Topics explored in this eBook include:

  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • mHealth
  • Analytics
  • HIT
  • Virtual Health
  • ACO’s
  • Security Risks

Download the book or visit the e-book version.

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