Manufacturing for Growth: Aerospace

Aerospace industry overview

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The aerospace industry continues to be dominated by a few countries in North America and Western Europe. However, new entrants are challenging this paradigm, as Brazil, China, and India are poised to take greater shares of value in global aircraft production. As competition increases in new locations, income levels and travel demands increase, and emerging markets change – from education to security demands, IP protection to infrastructure – the aerospace industry will continue to grow and become more global.

Import and export by country

The global aircraft import and export analysis in Volume 3 illustrates country-level trends between 2000 and 2011. The export market is concentrated with the top 10 countries representing over 90 percent of the total global export value. China, a significant importer of aircraft, has increased its export activity since 1995 and became the world’s 12th largest exporter in 2011.

The ten countries whose share of the world’s total aircraft exports grew the most between 1995 and 2011 are:

Germany Japan
France China
Singapore Argentina
Brazil Spain
India United Arab Emirates

Economic impact of new aircraft manufacturing

A new aircraft assembly plant is expected to have a long-term annual impact of up to $1B on a local economy.

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