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2020 Global Automotive Consumer Study

Are consumers ready for disruptive automotive technology?

What automobile industry trends and disruptive technologies will drive the automotive industry in the year ahead? Explore the data and insights from the 11th year of Deloitte’s Global Automotive Consumer Study and discover how 35,000 consumers in 20 countries are feeling about autonomy, electric and connected vehicles, ride-sharing and more.

Trends in the automotive industry: Consumer interest in EVs accelerates while AVs stall

Deloitte recently surveyed more than 35,000 consumers from 20 countries to explore their opinions on emerging connected, autonomous, shared, and electrified automotive technologies. The 2020 Global Automotive Consumer Study provides insights into how consumer opinion about these disruptive technologies may impact the future of the automotive industry and where automakers are investing to bring these advanced features to market.

For more details on these emerging automotive industry trends, download the full report.

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