Deloitte’s Gen Y Automotive Study

Previous years’ reports

Deloitte’s Automotive practice has teamed with Michigan State University since 2009 to develop an annual study measuring Gen Y consumers’ buying habits and vehicle preferences.

Key findings

Leading purchase considerations for Gen Y have changed each year Deloitte has conducted the study; however, previous years’ differentiators are now “must haves.”

  • In 2012 vehicles with hybrid fuel engines, enhanced technology features and superior safety capabilities were the leading preferences for Gen Y
  • In 2011 “cockpit technology” and the shopping experience emerged as leading differentiators for Gen Y
  • In 2010 overall value ranked as the primary factor when evaluating brands for Gen Y
  • In 2009 vehicle safety ranked as the top priority for Gen Y

Explore these findings and more through our study library, and the individual study findings from past years.

2012 report

Shifting Gears: Understanding Gen Y’s luxury, powertrain, and technology preferences

2011 report

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2010 report

Connecting with Gen Y: Making the short list

2009 report

Connecting with Gen Y: Making cars cool again

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