Exponential trends in manufacturing technologies

Explore the core technologies shaping manufacturing's future

Deloitte’s manufacturing practice drives unparalleled insights into the future of manufacturing. We’ve compiled insightful, thought-provoking, and relevant insights to help business leaders understand the implications to their organizations. From executive interviews, to videos from Singularity and Deloitte’s collaborative three-day event at 2017 Exponential Manufacturing, you’ll find a unique perspective on how exponential trends are shaping manufacturing and technology.

Manufacturing technologies: Own your disruption

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Deloitte Insights special edition publication

A collection of perspectives exploring the frontiers of manufacturing and technology

Gain a deeper understanding of the core technologies reshaping the future of manufacturing, including artificial intelligence, robotics and unmanned aerial vehicles big data, synthetic biology, digital fabrication, nanotechnologies, big data, smart sensors and networks, and machine learning.

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2017 exponential trends in manufacturing

Discover the latest insights on exponential trends in manufacturing

Advanced technologies are an essential element in driving the manufacturing industry forward. In fact, in the manufacturing industry ecosystem, advanced technologies, innovation, disruption, and talent play their own critical roles in enhancing economic prosperity through increased productivity, higher GDP output, and creating higher-income manufacturing jobs.

Across the world, we have seen nations increasing their investments in establishing national innovation ecosystems to strengthen the manufacturing industry. These ecosystems connect people, resources, policies, and organizations. When they come together as a team, new ideas, exponential technologies, and innovative commercialized products and services are generated. We are only scratching the surface of the exponential manufacturing trends that are being implemented. It is imperative to take time to realize the impact we are making and the path we are forging with ecosystems, innovation, disruption, and talent at the helm.

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