10 questions for inbound US investors

Mergers and Acquisitions

​Learn about important questions any company should ask while considering a greenfield or merger and acquisition investment in the US

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Investing in the US

If you’re visiting this page, you may have already made a big decision about investing in the United States: You plan to do it. At a minimum, you’re considering it. Maybe you are investing in the United States for the first time, or maybe as an addition to a growing US portfolio.

If you’ve decided to invest, the next steps are to decide when, where, and how—and to proceed with a firm sense of why.

Here are 10 questions to help in your decision process:

  • How does making or increasing a US investment fit with your global growth strategy?
  • Should you acquire or go greenfield?
  • If you acquire, what’s the right target? What’s the right price?
  • If you go greenfield, where is the right place to invest?
  • What tax considerations will you have to manage?
  • How will you navigate the US regulatory landscape?
  • How can you compete?
  • What talent challenges and opportunities should you focus on?
  • What brand challenges does your investment present?
  • Once the deal is done, what’s your plan to drive synergies and generate sustainable shareholder value?
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