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China investment guide

Opportunities in China's key industries

As China enters its fourth decade of reform and opening-up policies, the country’s economic landscape continues to evolve, with a notable shift from high-speed to high-quality growth. In this new era, the consumption-driven economy, immense market and robust demand, and a new government focus on innovation are driving significant new opportunities for cross-border investment.

Factors driving China overseas investment

According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), China’s GDP growth in the first quarter of 2018 was 6.8 percent, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts a 6.5 percent growth rate for China’s economy in 2018. China’s resilient economy, shifts in government policy and openness, along with increased consumption and improvements in labor force quality, are expected to draw increasing amounts of foreign investment in China.

Innovation and industrial upgrading have become the new growth engines for the Chinese economy. The Chinese government is committed to fostering an innovative environment conducive to technology development so manufacturers can move up the value chain. With the major themes of future development focused on innovation, opening up culturally and economically, individual livelihood, and environmental friendliness, the Chinese government has pledged to open the doors wider and lower barriers to entry to foster a world-class business environment.

For example, market access will be expanded in key China industries, including general manufacturing, financial services, telecommunications, medical services, auto, and new energy vehicles. Overseas investors will be granted tax deferral for reinvestment of profits made in China. In addition, procedures for setting up foreign-invested enterprises will be simplified.

China factors: A guide for investing in China

Deloitte’s 2018 publication on China investment, China factors: A guide for investing in China, delves deeper into China investment, including the local market landscape, China tax issues, and China industries that offer lucrative opportunities for foreign investment.

The report covers these topics in depth:

  • China—A resilient and more open economy
  • China made a profound impression on the Fortune Global 500 (FG500) list
  • China government pledges to improve the investment environment
  • Industry overview
  • Industry segmentation
  • Industry contacts
  • Implications for setting up business in China
  • Regional snapshots
  • About Deloitte Global Chinese Services Group

Our China investment guide delves deeper into the local market landscape, analyzing key China industries that may offer significant opportunities for foreign investors. We hope the guide proves valuable as you analyze and plan your next bold move in China investment.

China factors: A guide for investing in China

China investment: Going global with Deloitte

Over the past decade, the “going global” strategy has been pivotal in propelling the economic transformation of China. It is also driving the overseas expansion of many Chinese companies, which are able to tap the international markets and acquire new technologies and best practices.

Established in 2003, Deloitte's Global Chinese Services Group (GCSG) helps Chinese companies expanding their global presence and multinational companies operating in China. We have professionals who speak Chinese and understand Chinese business culture in 90 countries and regions. This dedicated network is committed to providing professional advice and comprehensive solutions to Chinese companies' globalization.

It is our goal to help our clients expand their global footprint. In the past five years, one-third of outbound deals we have assisted clients with were valued at more than USD 10 billion each. Further, we have participated in the largest overseas M&A transactions, as well as offered one-stop outbound investment services to more than half of the Fortune Global 500 Chinese companies.

To stay ahead of the curve and make our clients’ needs our priority, the GCSG continuously evolves and adapts to the changing dynamics of the marketplace, providing guidance and solutions to clients to address their most complex business challenges.

To learn more about the Chinese Services Group and how it can help your cross-border strategy, please contact CSG Partner, Johnny Zhang.

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