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China M&A Round-Up

Cross-border investment trends

Whether actively pursuing overseas acquisitions or just keeping tabs on the competition, global executives will find this review of China-related cross-border mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity to be a valuable tool for staying on top of one of the world’s most dynamic deal environments.

What’s the Deal?

"What's the Deal?" is a regular column published by the US Chinese Services Group as part of China M&A Round-Up, featuring insights on topics related to the impact and direction of China cross-border M&A trends.

China: Buying and selling

July 2019

One Chinese word for “doing business” is maimai, which literally means "buy-sell." There is perhaps no more apt description for the rise and decline of Chinese M&A activity in the United States and globally. There were trends already identifiable three years ago that raised questions about the sustainability of China’s robust outbound M&A growth. But unforeseen were the tariffs, technology bans, steeper economic slowdown and strong stimulus, and policy pushbacks that were preludes to or consequences of the trade war.

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