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Cross-border investment trends

Whether actively pursuing overseas acquisitions or just keeping tabs on the competition, global executives will find this review of China-related cross-border mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity to be a valuable tool for staying on top of one of the world’s most dynamic deal environments.

What’s the Deal?

"What's the Deal?" is a regular column published by the US Chinese Services Group as part of China M&A Round-Up, featuring insights on topics related to the impact and direction of China cross-border M&A trends.

Overseas debt and buying power

November 2019

In this issue's column, we explore recent developments related to the transformation in China's global economic role from "Factory for the World" to something of a "Banker for the World." We analyze the growth of China's external debt obligations, including the visible surge in off-shore borrowing, as well as the implications of this trend for the direction of China’s financial market opening and the Belt & Road Initiative.