How consumer products companies can maximize value when selling off brands

Merger & Acquisitions

This article highlights common drivers of company divestitures and methods for maximizing deal value while minimizing disruption.

The trend of Consumer Products companies divesting brands, product lines, or market segments shines a light on challenges that can stand in the seller’s way of maximizing deal value and minimizing disruption. Yet with proactive planning, broad pre-sale due diligence, and expert assistance, companies can effectively monetize non-core assets and redeploy resources into areas of higher strategic focus. 

This article describes common drivers of company divestitures, including:  

  • Desire to jettison non-core brands 
  • Need to respond to changing consumer trends 
  • Pressure to enhance shareholder returns, and 
  • Quest to raise capital to pay down debt or to fund future growth and/or acquisitions​
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