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US Japanese Services Group

Unique markets and tailored solutions

The Japanese Services Group (JSG) meets the needs of Japanese multinational companies operating in overseas markets and facing various challenges. We combine our extensive experience and global network with knowledge and careful consideration of Japanese culture and customs.

About JSG

What is the Japanese Services Group (JSG)?

The Japanese Services Group (JSG), established in 1975, is a special global network of the professionals in each Deloitte member firm, responding to the needs that are unique to Japanese-owned companies. Currently, Deloitte’s JSG consists of approximately 11,000 professionals world-wide (10,000 in Japan, 1,000 outside Japan).

Over the past 40 years, the JSG has met the needs of Japanese multinational companies operating in overseas markets and facing various challenges, by combining our extensive experience and knowledge about client service together with a careful consideration for Japanese business.

For global JSG, success is defined by delivering services and communications effectively across diverse cultures, languages, and geographic boundaries. JSG professionals are committed to provide top-class services to our clients through our well-established global network.

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Value-added services

Demonstrating cross-border best practices

We offer global coordination of services, reporting to parent companies in Japan and collaboration with other service providers.

As the preeminent organization serving Japanese multinational companies, we are committed to enhancing cross-border business communications.

We commit to the following leading practices:

  • Visit to the parent company in Japan as needed
  • Timely and frequent, open and proactive communication with parent companies
  • Timely publication of recent information related to Japanese business
  • Consistent global services achieved by working with other member firms

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Why JSG?

How are we different?

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL) adopted a global lead client service partner (GLCSP) system to maintain and improve quality of our professional services for globalized companies.

At Deloitte, the GLCSP holds ultimate responsibility for overall client service. All participating teams are working as one Deloitte under the GLCSP's leadership to deliver one-stop service to global clients. 

The global one-stop service structure enables DTTL to resolve issues swiftly and to report the result to the parent companies in a timely fashion. 

  • GLCSP: Responsible for client satisfaction and improvement of overall service quality, aiming to exceed expectations. This individual serves as key point of contact for your company, establishing strong relationships with management and acts as a coordinator with our member firms in each country to provide high quality services.
  • Regional LCSP: Responsible for client satisfaction and improvement of the service quality of the region in charge.  
  • JSG: Supports our service teams in each country by delivering services and communications effectively across diverse cultures, languages and geographic boundaries.

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George Warnock

George Warnock

Managing Partner | JSG & CSG, Americas

George leads our Global Country Services Groups overseeing the activities of the Global Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Services Groups. He has more than 35 years of auditing and accounting experience s... More

Akira Yamamoto

Akira Yamamoto

Leader | US JSG

Akira has more than 25 years of experience serving clients primarily in the automotive industry. He specializes in services to multinational companies that are Japanese-owned. Akira leads Japanese ini... More

Naofumi Yamazumi

Naofumi Yamazumi

Deputy Leader | US JSG

Yamazumi-san has more than 20 years of professional experience and was involved with Deloitte Japan Tohmatsu Clients & Industries (C&I) since October 2010. As a C&I partner, he was responsible for Jap... More