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Frank Tirelli: Resilient podcast

Leadership in a volatile world

It’s human nature. When crisis strikes or mishaps occur, our minds immediately go to the worst-case scenario. But it’s how you bounce back and manage adversity in the pursuit of your goals that matters. In this episode, Frank Tirelli, former myCFO COO, Herbalife CEO, and Deloitte Italy CEO shares insights gained and lessons learned from his experiences at a tech startup, navigating risk as a CEO, and guiding two professional services firms through a merger.

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Frank Tirelli, former myCFO COO, Herbalife CEO, and Deloitte Italy CEO, on leadership in a volatile world

Frank Tirelli has spent his life doing things he loves—confidently and relentlessly. This has allowed him to blaze his own trail, taking on challenges as the former COO of myCFO, former CEO of Herbalife, and former CEO of Deloitte Italy.

Frank and Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory’s Mike Kearney discuss why certain types of leaders thrive in the face of adversity; the need to help people identify and develop the strengths that will help them succeed; and the importance of communication, transparency, and honesty. Frank also shares his five attributes for success:

  • Be passionate
  • Have a written plan (not a to-do list)
  • Be 100 percent focused
  • Be disciplined (because some days, the passion’s just not there)
  • Develop the ability to overcome adversity

You will find that the people who tend to attain their success are those who can deal with adversity.

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