Cost-conscious M&A: Estimating and managing IT costs effectively

Part of the #Tech @ the heart of M&A series

“Cost-conscious M&A: Estimating and managing IT costs effectively” shares perspective on how IT executives can use foresight, planning, and collaboration to accurately and effectively manage one-time IT costs resulting from an M&A transaction. Such costs include capital expenditures, operating expenses, and run-rate expenses that normally don’t occur during regular business operations and can be migrated through an M&A cost management approach.

About the #Tech @ the heart of M&A series

In a new series on the role of technology in M&A, #Tech @ the heart of M&A, Deloitte provides a comprehensive overview of M&A technology transformation based on helping clients with the essential steps—from cost management to contract separation through application elements of privacy protection and service delivery components of infrastructure. By providing the building blocks for a clearly articulated, defined, and institution-wide approach to M&A technology implementation, Deloitte clients can free up technology executives for the more important and highest value-add role they can play in the M&A transaction—driving the core technology strategy in tandem with revenue growth and cost-curve optimization.

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