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Learn more about the latest thinking from our Strategy & Operations practice, and hear from some of our clients on how we are helping with their most pressing business challenges.

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    • The Transforming Global Landscape – Eamonn Kelly, Director and Chief Marketing Officer of the Strategy & Operations practice at Deloitte Consulting LLP, discusses three key trends – demography, urbanization and the emergence of a new consumer class – that are truly transforming the global landscape.
    • Working together – Executives from Cisco, Advanced Micro Devices and Pfizer speak about the positive impact of working with Deloitte Consulting. Watch to learn more about how Deloitte has become a trusted advisor to these Fortune 500 companies.
    • Building on leading practices – David Kenyon, vice president, Worldwide Channel Marketing, Advanced Micro Devices speaks about working with Deloitte on a sales strategy and channel forecasting project. Watch to learn more about how Deloitte has become a trusted advisor to Advanced Micro Devices.
    • Building an acquisitions practice – Susan McDonough, vice president of Corporate Development at Cisco, speaks about working with Deloitte to build their acquisitions practice. Watch to learn more about how Deloitte’s work with Cisco has evolved to deliver meaningful insights, recommendations, and results.
    • Our take on Service Delivery Transformation – Deloitte leaders share their insights on the benefits of a Service Delivery Transformation business strategy and why it is a "hot topic" in today's market - both domestically and globally.
    • Supply chain complexity – How do you proactively manage a supply chain with operations on six continents? And what if the data is coming from 17 different systems around the globe? Where do you start? Watch this video for more information.
    • “It's Time”: A global supply chain video – A quick look at the potential benefits and applications of analytics to achieve supply chain agility, speed, risk, and resiliency.
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