YouTube video event: Thriving in an ecosystem world

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On Thursday, June 18, Deloitte Consulting LLP hosted a live-streamed event on YouTube featuring panelists who discussed key strategic and operational questions that come with a world of business ecosystems—a notion that has gained increased attention as the economy forms ever-denser and richer networks of connection, collaboration, and interdependence. You can also view one-on-one interviews with each of the panelists to hear more about their perspectives on this topic.

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Enabled by digital connectivity and new tools for collaboration and co-creation, the business world is moving beyond the traditional bounds of “industries” and coalescing into rich “ecosystems”– creating new opportunities for innovation as well as new challenges for incumbent enterprises.​ Join the #BusinessEcosystems conversation on Twitter.

Panelist interviews

Watch the interviews with Eamonn Kelly, John Hagel, and Anna Muoio to hear more about their perspectives on business ecosystems.


Diane Brady      James F. Moore      John Hagel     Eamonn Kelly     Anna Muoio 

Diane Brady

Diane Brady (Moderator) has interviewed many of the world's leading business and political figures, both for her back-page column at Bloomberg Businessweek and on stage at global events. As senior editor/content chief, Diane oversaw corporate coverage and initiated partnerships, events, and cross-platform ventures at Bloomberg. She speaks on business trends and is a frequent guest on networks like NPR and BBC.

James F. Moore

James F. Moore is a best-selling author and seasoned advisor to organizations of all kinds on the evolution of business ecosystems. His Harvard Business Review article, "Predators and Prey: A New Ecology of Competition," is often cited as the foundational article on the topic.

John Hagel

John Hagel is a director with Deloitte Services LP and co-chairman for Deloitte LLP’s Center for the Edge. He is author of The Power of Pull, Net Gain, Net Worth, Out of the Box, and The Only Sustainable Edge.

Eamonn Kelly

Eamonn Kelly is a director with Deloitte Consulting LLP, chief marketing officer of the Strategy and Operations practice, and a widely published author and business thought leader.

Anna Muoio

Anna Muoio is a specialist leader with Monitor Institute, part of Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Social Impact service line. She focuses on how to drive large-scale social change through galvanizing networks around a shared agenda.



Eamonn Kelly, John Hagel, and Anna Muoio have also authored articles in Business ecosystems come of age, the latest Business Trends report from Deloitte’s Strategy & Operations practice, which has been featured in top tier media including Fast Company and