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Supply Chain Planning

Improving cost and efficiency

The difference between first and second place in a rowing competition often comes down to timing and synchronization. Similarly, effective integration of a supply chain’s many parts, in alignment with a company’s financial plan, can contribute significantly to improvements in financial performance and market competitiveness.

Pull together

Deloitte’s Supply Chain Planning professionals work with clients to develop strategies, define future solutions built on leading capabilities, and implement process and technology solutions. We help build the business case for changes that are aimed at carefully defined objectives, including revenue growth through improved customer service, accurate financial projections for stakeholder guidance, reductions in working capital, and improved supply chain cost and efficiency.

Supply Chain Planning services

  • Assessment – Thorough assessment of end-to-end supply chain/working capital capabilities to define improvement opportunities.
  • Strategy and vision alignment – Development of the comprehensive vision to align stakeholders on leading capabilities to be developed.
  • Integrated business planning – Development of “one” plan across sales, marketing, finance, and supply chain.
  • Demand planning – Creation of an enterprise forecast that senses market trends.
  • Supply planning – Creation of plans to effectively respond to latest demand signals.
  • Inventory management – Advanced analytic visualization capabilities to assess inventory performance and define statistical targets.
  • Supply chain planning application selection – Facilitation of workshops, definition of user stores and business requirements, and support for the selection of a planning solution to drive value and enable business objectives.
  • Supply chain planning application implementationEnd-to-end delivery of advanced planning and scheduling (APS) solutions, including process design, development, testing, training, and change management.
  • Supply chain flexibility – Identification of supply chain capabilities to improve response time optimizing working capital requirements vs. supply chain costs.
  • Performance metrics analytics – Balanced scorecard to assess performance across demand, supply chain costs, assets, and market expectations and conduct root cause analysis to drive performance improvement.
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Potential bottom-line benefits

  • Improved financial forecasting
  • Reduced inventory obsolescence
  • Reduced inventory levels to free up cash
  • Improved customer service
  • Reduced cost of goods sold
  • Reduced cut orders
  • Identification of potential self-funding opportunities

Many CFOs and COOs today are searching for supply chain planning capabilities that lead to accurate financial forecasts and effective working capital management.

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Rafael F. Calderon

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