What is the DeepDive™?

Tools for tackling your tough challenges

Problem-solving methodology helps with performance improvement, innovation, process change, and more

The DeepDive™ is a combination of brainstorming, prototyping and feedback loops merged into an approach that executives can use with teams to help develop solutions for specific business challenges. The DeepDive™ can be done in as little as half a day, or to help achieve results over a longer period.

The DeepDiveTM consists of a professionally produced team toolkit, including facilitators’ guides, participants’ guides, wall-charts, quick-reference cards, PowerPoint templates and DVDs — everything required to facilitate the DeepDive™ methodology. 

The DeepDive™ has been utilized to tackle such challenges as:

  • Helping a fast-moving consumer goods company develop prototypes for the 11 growth opportunities identified by the senior management team 
  • Aiding a leading airline in its design of a better passenger experience in the airport prior to boarding 
  • Facilitating a leading packaging company in its efforts to have the top 36 managers articulate their corporate strategy on process orientation
  • Helping a food company develop two new concepts to substantially increase revenue from “product x” with children, ages five to seven and their grandparents

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