Finding new paths to student success

Public education is a key investment in human capital, widely recognized as a powerful intervention point for addressing many of our systemic social challenges. Yet it continues to reinforce stark racial and socio-economic divisions. These concerns are not new—efforts to reform education have been around as long as education itself. But the system is at a tipping point where certain levers have the potential to create dramatic improvement.

What we offer

We’ve worked on over 40 social impact projects in the education space, many in collaboration with the nation’s leading social entrepreneurs.

Particular areas of focus include:

  • Scaling up successful initiatives
  • Innovating across all dimensions of teaching and learning
  • Redefining holistic approaches to increasing student success

Issue to Impact: Increasing minority graduates

The Issue:
United Negro College Fund (UNCF) has a proud history with close to 70 years of raising funds for historically black colleges and 40 years of redefining the African-American education narrative through the “A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste” campaign. In spite of a well-known brand and a broad community of donors, the organization faced a number of challenges. Its funders were migrating away from higher education. Many stakeholders were at odds with each other. And the organization was struggling to maintain relevance in the face of a dynamic education reform movement.

Our Impact:
Deloitte helped UNCF address these challenges through an integrated combination of strategic advice, executive coaching, and change management. We created a strategic change roadmap, aligned the organization around the strategy, and focused its fundraising model on new strategic objectives. UNCF now has defined a “North Star” goal of dramatically increasing the number of African-American college graduates across America, and that clarity has enabled it to focus its efforts, increase and quantify its impact, and build more robust marketing and advocacy capabilities. Most importantly, it is confronting its tough internal questions with greater openness and rigor than ever before. As a result, the organization is now positioned to honor its legacy, accelerate its impact, and sustain itself far into the future.

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Allan Ludgate

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