State Government Operational Excellence

A clean slate

Extreme skiers live to be the first on fresh powder. The risk they face is in choosing the applicable path down the mountain and executing effective moves. State government officials likewise hunger for a fresh start through operational transformation. Driven by increasing public demand for services, aging populations, rising healthcare costs, antiquated technology, talent issues, and funding shortages, the challenge they face is choosing and executing an effective transformation plan.

In response to growing public expectations, dwindling talent pools, antiquated technology, and constricted funding, doing more with less is imperative. This means consolidating duplicative back office operations like IT, procurement, HR, finance, licensing, and other functions currently managed by multiple organizations. Equally urgent is evaluating current programs to determine if they achieve policy objectives. Government officials understand what needs to be achieved, but the sheer size of the transformations they face often impede their ability to execute effectively.

How we can help

The dedicated public sector specialists in Deloitte’s State Government Operations Excellence practice work with state officials to develop a transformation roadmap that can be implemented rapidly and effectively. We understand mission-centric organizations and how to apply private-sector tactics where required to produce desired outcomes. Our multidisciplinary approach incorporates analytics, cost reduction, business model transformation, change management and communications, and process transformation.

Our services include:

  • Cost reduction
  • Revenue enhancement
  • Consolidation and integration (with and between government entities)
  • Shared services
  • Finance transformation
  • Performance improvement (program and back office)

Bottom-line benefits

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  • Cut administrative and financial transaction processing times by up to 50 percent
  • Simplify business processes
  • Improve service delivery models
  • Enhance security and controls
  • Build new knowledge capture and transfer capabilities
  • Streamline regulatory compliance

Transformation of state government today isn't about studying the problem or developing new ideas. It's about having the knowledge, experience, skills, and resources – across a broad range of disciplines – to effectively drive toward desired outcomes in measured steps, delivering on the business case, and communicating the value delivered along the way.

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