Technology-enabled transformation with Deloitte Ascend™

Drive value with predictable, high-quality outcomes

To thrive in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, companies need to embrace a digital mindset and enable continuous innovation throughout their operations. Deloitte Ascend™ is a digital transformation solution designed to help you reimagine your organization with industry-leading solutions, preconfigured technology assets, and intelligent automation.

Rise above the Cloud with Deloitte Ascend™

In an era of unprecedented technology-enabled transformation across industries, business leaders are under pressure to rapidly execute and adapt business models and processes alike. Whether it’s to cope with shifting supply chain needs, address volatile marketplace dynamics, or meet ever-changing customer demands, successful companies must undergo ERP digital transformations.

Deloitte Ascend™ is an ERP digital transformation solution that incorporates the breadth of Deloitte’s technology, tax, security and controls, human capital, and financial advisory capabilities. Ascend is infused with Deloitte’s industry-leading practices and solutions, integrated with state-of-the-art delivery tools, and powered by intelligent automation. Our capabilities and solutions come together to help accelerate your ERP transformation journey to deliver higher-quality results, reduce risk, and enable continuous innovation.

Watch how to harness innovation and orchestrate your journey

The Deloitte Ascend™ digital transformation solution road map

Deloitte Ascend™ is a digitally integrated delivery platform that incorporates the breadth of Deloitte (i.e., technology, tax, security and controls, human capital, financial advisory) and powers our Momentum™ methodology through industry-leading practices and solutions, integration with state-of-the-art delivery tools, and intelligent automation. Hover over the icons below to learn more about each step of the digital transformation road map.

Deloitte Ascend™ provides key benefits for your organization

We do much more than simply assist you in accelerating an ERP-enabled digital transformation. The heart of our approach is focused on helping you determine how to transform your organization from end to end and drive real business value with predictable and higher-quality outcomes. Key benefits include:


Digital insights

  • Visualize the art of the possible in a digital world
  • Adapt to innovation, disruption, and growth
  • Rightsize transformation road map, and project scope using a continuous innovation mindset

Digital core

  • Get foundational design right at the onset with industry-leading practices
  • Accelerate design and make real-time decisions utilizing preconfigured assets and solutions
  • Drive quality, resource efficiency, and predictable outcomes powered by intelligent automation

Digital innovations

  • Create exponential business value and amplify return on investment by leveraging a living library of next-gen innovation (e.g., blockchain, machine learning)
  • Enable continuous innovation beyond go-live with digital foundry model toolkits
  • Efficiently innovate using the digital operate command center and process toolkits



Case study: A top health system embarks on ERP transformation

Let Deloitte Ascend™ help you create your future

More than ever, organizations need an innovative yet trusted approach to digital transformation that leverages the latest technology to deliver solutions that evolve and adjust easily to meet current organizational needs and enable them to embrace a great future.

Deloitte Ascend™ works with:


Rise above the cloud with Deloitte Ascend™. Download our Sales Sheets to learn how to maximize the value of your business transformation programs.

Deloitte Ascend™ for Oracle

Deloitte Ascend™ for SAP





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