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Trends, key focus areas, and strategies that may shape your business. View the Federal Government Outlooks of your choice for actionable insights into what may be on the horizon in 2015.

Federal Government

Throughout the federal government, there are bright spots of how new technologies are being used to improve the way government operates and serves its citizens. An engaged federal workforce is a key component to how quickly government can implement new technologies and safeguard data as citizens’ appetite for all things digital grows. Read more on the opportunities and challenges in the Federal Government in the coming year.

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A 21st-century government is envisioned with modern, digitally focused customer experience for its citizens and business operations. This modern approach to government built on investments in its people who help drive innovation and keep government evolving in order to better serve its citizens and interact with its many agencies and stakeholders. Read more on the 2015 Civilian Sector trends outlook.

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What are the opportunities for the Department of Defense to become more efficient and innovative while addressing the increase in cyber threats? ​Read more to see what's ahead for Department of Defense in 2015.

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Federal Health

The provision of affordable, accessible, high-quality health care is top of mind for departments, agencies, and centers concerned with Federal Health. Read more on opportunities, challenges, and innovative actions federal health organizations could adopt to meet mission objectives more efficiently​ in the coming year.​

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National Security

National preparedness and resiliency are top of mind for agencies concerned with National Security. Our government must be ready to anticipate and prepare for the threats that pose the biggest risk to our nation’s safety–threats from terrorism, cyber-attacks, natural disasters, and health pandemics. Read more on the National Security sector opportunities and challenges in the coming year.

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